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Kleen-Screen Description

Now featuring touchscreen controls and Easy Solvent Extraction standard, A.W.T.'s Kleen-Screen™ Automatic High-Pressure Emulsion-Removing System revolutionizes the screen reclaiming process by automating both solvent application and high-pressure rinsing within a single, fully-enclosed stainless-steel unit.

A unique electric/pneumatic nozzle system provides two-sided coverage that coordinates precisely with frame-size settings specified by the operator, and entered on the intuitive touchscreen control. The touchscreen allows the operator of the Kleen-Screen to modify and set all important process parameters, including frame dimensions, solvent dwell time, and total cycles, with precision and ease.

The Kleen-Screen's closed-loop re-circulating system filters solvent for continuous usage, greatly reducing supply and disposal costs. Easy Solvent Extraction automatically purges spent solvents, saving time and limiting employee exposure to chemicals, increasing workplace safety.

A range of optional features is available including a screen-positioning program that stores data for up to nine frames, backlight systems, CD and multi-frame racks, and a Heated Water Pump.