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Fab-lok Frame Stretching System

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Fab-lok Frame Stretching System Description


  • Uniformly stretch and lock in all types of mesh
  • Unit sets up in minutes
  • Includes Fabric Stretching Tool and cordless screw driver
  • Channel inserts easily secure mesh during operation and allow easy softening of corners to prevent tearing
  • Tension Quick Screws increase speed and accuracy, reducing operator labor
  • Each model is adjustable to handle a range of frame sizes up to the recommended maximum
  • Mesh slippage is eliminated when locked into frame
  • Zinc-baked flathead screws are countersunk and tightened flush
  • May also be used to stretch mesh to tension and adhere to a separate frame
  • Compatible with standard mesh-to-frame adhesion methods

The Fab-Lok™ Screen Stretching System is a sensibly priced, all-mechanical screen fabric stretching system designed to save time and money for printers currently buying ready-made screens from outside suppliers. Compatible with metal or wooden frames and any standard mesh fastening method you choose, the Fab-Lok Stretching system is reliable and easy to use.

The Quick Tension Screws allow you to quickly stretch screens using the torque screwdriver, which is included in the kit.

For convenience, Fab-Lok frames can be adjusted in your screen printing press to adjust registration. They may also be used as a low-cost way to stretch mesh to proper tension and adhere it to a separate frame.

Each model adjusts easily to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes. Maximum screen tension is up to 20-25 N (20 N on units more than 36 x 36" (91.4 x 91.4 cm), depending on the mesh count and other factors). Custom sizes are available.