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Auto-Tex Description

The Auto-Tex II automatic textile printer combines the experience of a printer with user-friendly high tech engineering that simply isn't matched. Rigid steel construction, Servo driven system and a precision tapered roller bearing with linear motion give the Auto-Tex smooth operation at full production speeds of over 1100 pieces per hour. Each head is individually controlled with the ability to adjust the print stroke upfront, squeegee and flood-bar pressure and angle.

The flood and non-flood controls allows for the printing of plastisol and water based inks. A.W.T.'s unique ink recovery system is centralized on the front panel. It shifts the squeegee back into the ink deposit, without re-adjusting the stroke length, with the push of a button.

All aluminum rubber covered pallets with A.W.T.'s patented Insta-ClampTM System ensures smooth printing as well as easy pallet changeover without any tools. Simply release one latch to remove a pallet.

Easily adjustable "0" off-contact controls and ( optional ) adjustable peel allow proper snap "peel" of the screen as it completes the print stroke. This makes test printing on t-shirts or fleece possible. The print-in / print-out / test print feature is part of the Auto-Tex's user friendly operation.

The indexer registration system, along with our new micro-registration system, allows for printing of +/- .001" for 4-color process work and extremely accurate print repeatability from station to station - consistently.

Front & rear screen holders accept universal frames as well as re-tensionable frames for precise registration and print repeatability. Frames are quickly and easily loaded from the front. The Auto-Tex only requires electricity and a small compressor for operation.