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Squeegee Beveling & Shaping Services

Squeegee Beveling & Shaping Services Description AWT World Trade Group

Squeegee Beveling & Shaping Services Technical Information / Specifications

Cat. No Ref Description Add To Quote
SB-SE C Square edge squeegee beveling ( standard ) Qty IN
SB-RD B Rounded squeegee beveling Qty IN
SB-SS F Single sided edge squeegee beveling Qty IN
SB-SROC D Square with rounded corners - one side Qty IN
SB-SRTC H Square with rounded corners - both sides Qty IN
SB-CS G Center point sharp squeegee double beveling Qty IN
SB-CF E Center point flat squeegee beveling Qty IN
SG-144 A Squeegee Grooving ( 2 sided ) Qty IN

Available Re-Sharpening Services:
Cat. No   Description Add To Quote
SS-144   Squeegee sharpening ( 1 side ) Qty IN
SS-145   Squeegee sharpening ( 2 sided ) Qty IN