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remote diagnostics


Prevent COVID-19 or its variants from affecting YOUR company,
Eliminate in person, costly service calls and reduce downtime – ALL with instant service worldwide

  • Keep your staff healthy
  • Minimize downtime with instant service worldwide
  • Eliminate in-person service calls
  • Substantially reduce service and repair costs
  • Included for two years with qualifying purchases

AWT’s exclusive Remote Diagnostics Services deliver instant online service to our customers all over the world, allowing for immediate troubleshooting and corrective actions.

AWT Remote Diagnostics minimize production downtime and eliminate the need for most in-person service calls.

Purchasers of qualifying new AWT or American presses or dryers receive Remote Diagnostics at no charge for the first two years.

Especially in this season of COVID-19, Remote Diagnostic services are inherently safer, faster, and more cost-effective than in-person service calls. Instant service via Remote Diagnostics results in savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars over in-person service calls, which may entail airfare, car rental, hotels, and meals for field technicians.

Remote Diagnostics provide a direct line of communication to AWT technicians for our customers working in the medical and governmental sectors, or other essential services where stoppages or delays can be disruptive and costly.

AWT has been a pioneer and a leader in the development of Remote Diagnostic technology for more than 25 years. Originally facilitated by a phone modem, this instant service is now Internet-based. A Remote Diagnostics connection is standard on most AWT and American screen printing presses, dryers, and automatic screen cleaning and emulsion removal systems.

For more information about AWT Remote Diagnostics Services, or to add this service to your existing AWT equipment, contact our technical sales staff at (773) 777-7100, or email