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Squeegee Blades

Squeegee Blades Technical Information / Specifications AWT World Trade Group

Squeegee Blades Description

Over the years, AWT has developed and introduced a wide range of durable, high-quality squeegee blades in all shapes, sizes, and durometers, for all applications. Now we are offering a new, high-performance material for screen printers seeking even greater precision and consistency.

Poly-SupremePlus™ is our new premium amber polyurethane squeegee blade. Available in two different grades of rubber for use with different ink formulations, it adheres to exacting standards for consistency, uniformity, and durability. Thermoset with outstanding abrasion resistance, all Poly-SupremePlus blades yield precise and accurate results, time after time.
Poly-SupremePlus is suitable for most screen printing applications including manual and automatic operations. Poly-SupremePlus blades deliver crisp, consistent images and maintain stable durometer characteristics even in high-output production environments.

Poly-SupremePlus High Grade™ is specifically formulated for use with harsh and potentially corrosive solvent-based inks, and displays outstanding resistance to abrasion, wear, and deterioration. Poly-SupremePlus High Grade blades are suitable for specialty and industrial printing operations.

  • Premium quality rubber for durability and consistent results
  • Available in two grades of rubber for use with different ink formulations
  • Tough and highly resistant to wear
  • Blades resist hardening with age
  • Durometer characteristics remain stable even with use
  • Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and durometers

Manufactured in the USA under a tightly-controlled formulation, Poly-SupremePlus and Poly-SupremePlus High Grade blades are recommended for precision-quality printing where image repeatability is essential. Your customers will notice the difference.

poly-CTM blades are long lasting polyurethane squeegees color coded for fast and easy durometer reference. Excellent for graphic or textile applications.

Quali-TanTM is A.W.T.'s low cost squeegee blade. It's formulated with tensile strength of about 2,000 lbs., which eliminates streaking and specs in your ink and provides superior long-lasting printing edge. Molded under high heat and pressure, Quali-Tan has excellent abrasion and solvent resistance. Recommended for all hand printing and many machine applications, Quali-Tan blades replace all black neoprene blades.

Complete Squeegees are manufactured with top quality ponderosa pine contoured handles. All A.W.T. lumber is kiln dried, non-warp, precision cut, comfortably shaped and smooth for easy handling. Available in 4", 3-5/8" and 5" high handle sizes. Squeegee blade is inserted into wood handle and held in position with closely spaced ( 4" apart ) aluminum telescopic bolts. All complete squeegees are professionally sharpened after assembly.