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Safe-T-Wash Description

A.W.T.'s Safe-T-Wash is a special blend of cleaning solutions that meet standards for safe and effective cleaning of all screen printing inks. Safe-T-Wash has a low VOC rating and meets or exceeds most guidelines. This screen cleaning solution dissolves most ink systems efficiently with a minimum of time and effort.

Safe-T-Wash can be used straight from the container with most ink systems. Among the ink systems Safe-T-Wash works best on: U.V., plastisol, epoxy and all solvent based inks.

Remove all ink from the screens and apply Safe-T-Wash in limited amounts to the remaining ink residue. Using either specially designed screen cleaning brushes or non-contaminated shop rags, continue to actively spread the Safe-T-Wash over the entire screen. This action will allow the Safe-T-Wash to attack the ink systems and dissolve the remaining material.

After the ink has dissolved, remove the remaining residue with clean recyclable or disposable rags (be sure to consult with state and federal laws on disposal of rags and solvent solutions).

Using Safe-T-Wash to clean up all open mesh will assure excellent printing results and easy screen prep performance.