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Centurian Description

A.W.T./American M&M's Centurian Automatic combines the latest electronic technology into the finest, high-speed textile printer available today. Built for versatility and excellent, all-around performance with a standard speed of 75 dozen garments per hour, Centurian incorporates over 20 state-of-the art features for the ultimate in operator convenience and print quality.

Centurian's PLC Controller with a compatible Touch-Screen Interface ensures maximum control throughout your operation. This central programming station utilizes multiple screen menus, which list press commands in simple language rather than awkward numeric or alpha codes. Each menu offers the choice of operation control, production data feedback, or diagnostic troubleshooting. With over 200 menus accessible, software upgrades are available.

To ensure the highest print quality, electro-mechanical indexer and carriage drives provide consistent print/flood cycling for smooth results from front to back. Centurian's lock-in heads and pallet-tip supports guarantee even print pressure over the entire image (regardless of size) for zero pallet deflection, assuring of even tone throughout the print stroke. Competitive systems without such features cannot make this claim.

Carriage locking mechanism and close tolerance liner bearings ensure accurate sharp printing results, from the first to the last print stroke.

In most applications the part remains stationary while the screen lifts straight up, without disturbing the printed object. This results in faster and more accurate in-feed and positioning. Centurian's pneumatic locking fork maintains +/- .001 registration repeatability. Plus with rugged frame construction and solid-state engineering, required maintenance is minimized.

To ease set-up, Centurian offers a special production/set-up mode, which permits indexer operation from any print station. Front-loading screens and unobstructed visibility allow for quick registration and job changeover. Freewheeling mode permits manual indexer rotation. Each print head is equipped with an 18" high-lift for easy screen cleaning.

No other printing system is capable of handling a wider variety of production demands. With the addition of the Perimeter "Add-Over" Pallet System to your Centurian, you can print high quality, process color registration on one side of the garment (including sleeves) a single pass. With hundreds of AM-180 machines around the world over the last thirty years, this is another screen printing machine from A.W.T./American M&M that has become The Printer's Choice!