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X-Press Description

Engineered to bring affordable, high-speed automation to all textile screen printing shops.

From the manufacturer of the Arrow and Centurian multi-printers comes the latest addition to our highly regarded line of printing presses. Maximize your production capacity with the all new American M&M X-Press II automated textile printer.

Designed from the ground up, the new X-Press II incorporates decades of experience and the best technology available today into a single machine. The X-Press II is filled with performance features that respond to the demands of serious printers worldwide.

The X-Press II is available in up to 14 colors on a 16 station indexer. It's precisely matched Geneva-style drive has been the dependable industry standard for decades. A single indexer locking fork ensures repeatable registration to within + / - .001" (at the registration bearing) at speeds of 75-80 dozen per hour. DC-driven timing belts allow the operator infinite control over the printing operation.

An impressive array of features including flexible stroke length and fully adjustable X and Y micro-registration are provided as standard. An optional "Quick Set" off-press micro system allows you to radically reduce costly setup time. Now, screens can be registered before they reach the press. Screens are switched in 1 to 2 minutes per head, and the press is ready to test print.

The main control panel is mounted conveniently above the loading station and includes all the best features you expect: load-in/load-out mode; single and double independent print; setup and production modes; electronically integrated flash control; free index mode, etc. Independent head station allows the operator to control: print mode; free index; optional high lift; and rear air clamps commands.

The X-Press II is definitely ahead of its time and built with the toughest screen printing shops in mind.