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Overstock Screen Fabric and Mesh

Overstock Screen Fabric and Mesh Technical Information / Specifications AWT World Trade Group

Overstock Screen Fabric and Mesh Description

Let 30 years of experience help you. A.W.T. direct imports top-quality fabrics from around the world so that screen printers can have the proper mesh for their printing application. We stock fabrics in all mesh counts listed on our website and many others ready for fast delivery.

Fabric color greatly affects screen exposures. Factors such as ink deposit, type of emulsion or film, stretch of fabric and type f exposing unit influence which color and mesh is best for your particular work. A.W.T.'s fabrics give you excellent printed results with gloss, flat, water or solvent-based, plastisol or UV inks. We'll recommend which of our mesh numbers is best for printing solids, halftones or fine lines.

Monoflex™ White, Orange & Yellow-Orange Italian Monofilament Polyester Fabrics - Most Popular In Industry
Skilled weavers in northern Italy manufacture our monofilament polyester fabrics to precise specifications. Their high-speed looms are shuttless, enabling them to weave material with uniform spacing and the finest uniform diameter threads. Mesh counts for White, Orange and Yellow-Orange Monoflex are under the Technical Information Section.

Stainless Steel Wire Fabric Imported Directly from Germany
Recommended for sharp close tolerance printing. Applications include micro-circuits, PC boards, 4-color process, electronic parts and thermoplastic colors used for decorating ceramic or plastic containers. Carries electric current for hot-ink printing. Excellent permanent screen due to superior tensile strength of 32 tons per square inch (45 kg per sq. mm). Finest German woven quality.

Nylon Monofilament Fabric
Monofilament nylon is the choice when printing flexibility is required. Used especially for printing on 3-D and other irregular surfaces. Pre-stretched and heat-set, nylon is strong and highly abrasion-resistant for any length run. Available in white or colors. Not recommended for 4-color process.

Original fiber used in manufacturing screen printing fabric still gets preference today in specialty areas. Our highest quality silk is available in most mesh numbers and widths.