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AWT High Technology Mesh:Monofilament Screen Fabric

AWT High Technology Mesh:Monofilament Screen Fabric Description AWT High Technology Mesh:Monofilament Screen Fabric Technical Information / Specifications AWT World Trade Group

AWT High Technology Mesh:Monofilament Screen Fabric Features

Monoflex White, Orange, and Yellow-Orange Italian Monofilament Polyester Fabrics- Monofilament polyester fabrics are the most popular meshes in the industry. A.W.T. utilizes skilled weavers in Northern Italy to manufacture these fabrics to precise specifications. High-speed, shuttleless looms produce the finest uniform-diameter threads available.

Stainless Steel Wire Fabric Imported Directly from Germany- Fine-quality specialty mesh with superior tensile strength, recommended for sharp results in close-tolerance screen printing applications. Print on micro-circuits, PC boards, and electronic parts and components. Stainless steel mesh is excellent for 4-color process work and thermoplastic colors used in ceramic and plastics decorating.

Nylon Monofilament Fabric- The fabric of choice where printing flexibility is required, monofilament nylon mesh is used for m printing on three-dimensional objects and other irregular surfaces. Durable A.W.T. nylon mesh is pre-stretched and heat-set, and highly resistant to abrasion for any length production run. Available in white or a variety of colors. A.W.T. nylon monofilament mesh is not recommended for 4-color process.

Natural Silk Fabric- The original fiber used in making screen printing mesh, natural silk is still preferred today for various specialty applications. Our highest-quality silk mesh is available in most mesh numbers and widths.