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Accu-Cure 3-D UV Curing Unit

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Accu-Cure 3-D UV Curing Unit Description

Cure 3-dimensional items up to 6-1/2" (16.5cm) diameter by 12" (30cm) high while maintaining very low production costs. The Accu-Cure 3-D Dryer cures approximately 2500 parts per hour and takes up very little floor space. A.W.T. manufactures this unit on heavy duty casters for easy mobility. Extra large infeed for easy parts placement onto conveyor. Feeding is possible on either side of infeed.

Adjustable doors on either end can open for easy access of parts, but utilizes A.W.T.'s unique shielding to contain any light leakage for operator protection.

Variable speed belt drive, fully insulated dryer has an exhaust system to assist in cooling. Variable U.V. output of 100, 200 and 300 watts per inch takes all of U.V. curing and substrate sensitivity to heat and light into consideration.

After containers are exited from A.W.T.'s Accu-Cure 3-D U.V. Dryer, all items are ready to print your next color, or to pack and ship.