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Equinox Single Color, Multi-Pallet Textile Printer

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Equinox Single Color, Multi-Pallet Textile Printer Description


  • Produces a wide variety of textile products: t-shirts, bags, towels, gloves, socks, bags and more• At least 30% greater output with motor-driven indexer than with single pallet system; output possible up to 800 pph
  • Faster pallet changeover with patented quick-release system and loading outside print head
  • More consistency in print pressure across entire image than other single-color textile printers
  • Universal masterframe allows adaption to any frame type
  • Lock-in print head helps ensure accurate registration
  • Easy access for screen viewing and press setup
  • Independent, locking squeegee/floodbar angle adjustments allow setup customization for any job
  • Easily move printer anywhere in shop with heavy-duty casters

A.W.T.'s versatile EQUINOX is the screen printer's choice for printing with accuracy and ease on t-shirts, cloth bags, towels, banners and other textiles. A highspeed indexer will significantly increase output, allowing screen printers to access expanding markets and serve new customers.

The EQUINOX features an adjustable stroke length and a universal masterframe that securely locks into place for precise registration and outstanding print repeatability. A motor-driven carriage ensures a smooth print stroke. Tool-free squeegee and floodbar pressure adjustment is standard, and A.W.T.'s patented Squeegeelizer™ assures uniform print pressure across the entire squeegee blade, delivering consistent tone throughout the image.

The quick-release Stay-Flat™ aluminum pallet is heat and warp-resistant, extremely durable, and built to last a lifetime. Hundreds of optional specialty pallets are available for printing on an extensive range of textile and promotional products.