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Super-Turbo G

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Super-Turbo G Description

A.W.T.'s Super-Turbo™ G is a heavy-duty, solid state gas dryer suitable for curing printed textiles in industrial facilities. All plastisol and water-based textile inks are fully and efficiently cure-dried in the Super-Turbo G, which is designed to support and facilitate high-speed textile production.

The design of the Super-Turbo G incorporates a quartz preheat chamber where optimal curing temperatures are quickly obtained. Heights of the preheat system quartz lamps are fully adjustable for use with a variety of inks and substrates. The preheat system can be gas fired (Super-Turbo GHO models only) to maximize energy efficiency during production.

The main heating chamber uses jet air-knives and high volume hot air to fully cure inks while evacuating fumes and/or evaporates through the exhaust system. The air recirculating hood directs up to 90% of the dry airflow back through the system, reducing energy consumption. The double-insulated main heating chamber keeps operating air temperatures constant, limiting heat loss.

Temperatures for the preheat zone can be set independently of the main heating chamber. If airflow becomes restricted, the heating system shuts down automatically and a safety alarm sounds. This safety system keeps the blowers operating, preventing scorching and blower motor burnout. The Super-Turbo G features a full filter system; filters and other user-serviceable parts and components are easily accessible. Fully modular construction makes expansion easy by simply adding heating or conveyor sections.