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Fab-Lok Self Tensioning Frames

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Fab-Lok Self Tensioning Frames Description

A.W.T.'s Fab-Lok™Self-Tensioning Frames have a built-in tension system to stretch all mesh types uniformly and accurately to your specific requirements. With many models to choose from, you are sure to find one to fit your needs. These easy-to-use, self-contained stretching frames provide many years of fast, accurate and reliable performance.

Different models are available to meet the needs of many different screen printing applications. Fab-Lok frames are for the screen printer who requires high-tension stretch for good quality work, or for printing that requires uniform ink deposit. They are ideal for fine details and 4-color process work, as well as electronic applications with high-tolerance requirements.

A.W.T. Fab-Lok frames can be adjusted in your screen printing press to adjust (tweak) registration.

A.W.T. has a self-tensioning frame to fit your needs. Fab-Lok frames are quick and easy to use and will last for many, many years. They can also be used as a high-tension, low-cost way to stretch mesh and adhere it to a separate frame.

Fab-Lok frames are made to order and come assembled. Models FL-125 and FL-175 are general purpose frames. The larger model, FL-250, is for high-tolerance applications. Model FL-303, which comes standard with welded corners, is designed for extremely fine detail screen printing, such as printed circuits, electronic applications, diagnostics and nameplates.