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Press-Mate Description

AWT's Press-Mate™ Ink Feeding System dispenses controlled amounts of conventional or U.V. inks and coatings to any press for uninterrupted production.

Affix the feed tubes to your press or screen coater and the system will relay inks and coatings when and where you want them, in properly measured amounts. To change colors or emulsions, simply open up the chamber, take out the container of ink or emulsion, and replace it. Through flow is controlled either manually by the foot pedal, or automatically by the variable adjustable control valve system. Since the feed tubes are in air-tight chambers, the Press-Mate requires very little clean-up.

Standard manual and automatic units come with a regulator valve with pressure gauge, three 10-foot long tubes for ink feeding, pressure chamber and cover, and air compressor. Depending on the model, the unit will handle most any size and shape container up to 5 gallons (19 liters).