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Accu-Cure Complete UVLED Curung System

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Accu-Cure Complete UVLED Curung System Description


  • Most reliable UVLED curing system in the industry
  • Low maintenance – change air filter and clean lens
  • LED monitoring technology adjusts LEDs to maintain consistent UV output
  • Mercury -free, ozone-free sustainable energy “no VOC” clean carbon footprint
  • 50-70% reduction of energy consumption and costs
  • No IR, negligible heat
  • Easily adjustable UV-intensity
  • Superior uniformity of cure compared to arc-style Lamps
  • Light-beam sheet detector technology
  • Standard 395 nm wavelength; other variations are available
  • Internal safety features and alarms protect equipment and material
  • Greater penetration and depth of cure increases adhesion
  • Optimal curing – faster speeds and with thicker coverage
  • Especially good with black and white inks - higher opacity levels
  • Outside venting not required
  • Long-lasting lamps – Mercury lasts 1,000 hours, UV LED last in excess of 35,000 – 55,000 hours under proper curing conditions
  • Replacement lamps no longer required
  • Instant curing – UV LED provides instant on and off, Mercury takes time to warm up and cool down

The Accu-Cure™ UV LED Curing System from AWT World Trade utilizes the latest UV LED technology to deliver a state-of-the-art Ultra Violet curing system that consumes less power than standard UV dryers, increases output, and enhances workplace safety.

Featuring touchscreen controls, a durable Fiberlon™ conveyor belt, and AWT’s exclusive Belt-Tracking System™, the Accu-Cure UV LED operates at significantly lower temperatures than other UV dryers, consuming less energy. The system produces no ozone, so it requires no outside venting, and the lower operating temperature means that the Accu-Cure UV LED can be cooled with untreated ambient air.

The standard vacuum holddown system keeps lightweight substrates in place during operation, and the curing head is repositionable for user convenience. The height of the curing head can be adjusted to accommodate substrates of various thicknesses. Specially-designed, adjustable light shields protect operators from incidental exposure to UV light. See a Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 2 years!