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Frame Lumber

Frame Lumber Technical Information / Specifications AWT World Trade Group

Frame Lumber Description

You'll save time and money and eliminate waste with A.W.T.'s pre-cut clear-grain frame lumber without any knots or splinters. Make the exact frame size you need with this lightweight, kiln dried, pre-grooved, perfectly straight ponderosa pine lumber.

Stop cutting lumber in your shop and you'll save on insurance costs and eliminate messy sawdust shavings.

Prepackaged for easy handling and storage in sizes 1-1/8" and 1-5/8" square. A.W.T. frame lumber is ready to assemble. Use with cord, staple or adhesive mesh stretching methods.

1.) Cord: pre-grooved to accept most types of cord, however A.W.T. manufactures the proper cord diameters.

2.) Staple: staple tape is used for stapling onto smooth surface of frame. Most staples then can be removed with only slight tug on tape. A.W.T. also stocks Staple Tape.

3.) Liquid Seal™ Fabric to Frame Adhesive: adhesive is applied to seal frame on it's flat side. Next mesh is stretched over frame and a second coat of adhesive is applied. Liquid Seal dries very quickly and can also be used to seal wood frames.