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Accu-Print Mid-Size Bag Printer

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Accu-Print Mid-Size Bag Printer Description

A.W.T. takes pride in building the best performing, most trouble-free mid-size flatbed textile printers. The Accu- Print™ Mid Size is easy to set up and operate, and offers the flexibility of larger, more expensive printers.

The Accu-Print's universal master frame holds most frames, including re-tensionable, and securely locks into place for proper registration and print repeatability. The DC-controlled carriage drive ensures a smooth print stroke without any abrupt starts or stops.

Tool-free squeegee and floodbar pressure adjustment is also standard, a unique feature for this size press. Independent squeegee and floodbar locking angle adjustments, and independent speed controls for the squeegee and floodbar are also standard on the Accu-Print. The patented Squeegeelizer™ assures uniform print pressure across the entire squeegee blade, resulting in consistent tone throughout the image.

Single point off-contact control allows the proper screen snap as it comes off the fabric during the print stroke, and the Accu-Print can be set for "0" off- contact for challenging print jobs if necessary. The automatic peel rate is infinitely variable and easily adjusted for the specific requirements of each run.

The new, quick-release Stay-Flat™ aluminum pallet is warp-resistant, extremely durable, and built to last a lifetime. When it's time to change pallets for a new job, they release easily from the pallet support arm with the movement of just one lever. The Accu-Print can also be built with an optional T-shirt pallet or an overall pallet.

A wide-open, front of the press design provides easy screen access, loading the bags and viewing during set up and operation. Stroke is easily adjustable, and an all-around safety package stops press movement when any object interferes with the front or sides of the safety bar. The upfront control panel has all the controls you will need at your fingertips, including; separate squeegee and flood speed controls, operating mode selection (dwell timer, foot pedal or single print), and stop and start switches. The Accu-Print is mounted on heavy duty casters for easy shop mobility, and comes with locking levelers for firm footing once it has been positioned for operation.