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Screen Tape - Red Polyethylene Tape

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Screen Tape - Red Polyethylene Tape Description

For protection and Easy Removal . . .

Wider rolls of red polyethylene tape is excellent for use to "seal" and "protect" your vacuum tables. Use A.W.T's tape in replacement of masking tape and other similar types. A.W.T's red tape is very easy to remove and does not "bind itself" to your table. Save set-up and clean-up time with use of this tape. Works to cover exposed vacuum holes to give you maximum pressure required to hold down product

Red polyethylene tape offers many benefits:

  • Protect the surface of vacuum tables
  • "Block out" holes in your vacuum table to improve air flow hold down of the sheets you're printing on
  • Quick set-up and clean-up time
  • Easy to remove

Red tape is solvent and water resistant and easy to remove for reclaiming.

Total Tape Thickness, (not including liner), is 7.5 mils (.190mm). The Adhesive Thickness (rubber) is 3.0 mils (.076mm).