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Tac-Top Paper Adhesive

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Tac-Top Paper Adhesive Description

A.W.T.'s smooth surface Tac-Top™ one sided paper pallet adhesive is easy to use and makes pallet clean-up quick and easy. Simply cover top of pallet completely with Tac-Top, wrapping approximately 1" extra under the pallet. Then apply table adhesive such as A.W.T.'s Table-Tac water soluble adhesive onto the paper to hold substrate in place, and you're ready to print

Tac-Top is easy to remove after using, leaving a clean pallet.  Simply pull off the Tac-Top paper and the clean pallet, unaffected by solvents and inks, is ready for your next job.

With Tac-Top, there's no need for expensive or flammable solvent purchases, costly disposal procedures and labor costs. Tac-Top eliminates the need to remove adhesive with solvents, therefore keeping solvent costs low. No rags are required.