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Squeezee Bottles &  Spreader/Scraper

Squeezee Bottles &  Spreader/Scraper Technical Information / Specifications AWT World Trade Group

Squeezee Bottles &  Spreader/Scraper Description

Plastic Squeeze Bottles for Mixing, Application, and Storage

Ideal for mixing, applying, and storing smaller quantities of adhesives and other products commonly used in screen printing workshops, AWT's handy plastic 16-ounce applicator squeeze bottle includes a spout and cap. Available individually or in cases of 12.

For Blocking Out Screens and Application of Decals

AWTs versatile plastic spreader/scrapers are used to block out screens, apply any decals, and for other workshop tasks. Available individually or in packages of 12, AWT spreader/scrapers come in 4", 6", and 12" lengths.