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Stretch-Tech Options & Accessories\ title=

Cat. No Description Add To Quote
ASC-EMA Stretch-Tech 8" (20.32 cm) Air Clamp Qty EA
ASC-ARM Auto Retensioning Module Qty EA
ASC-QD Additional Quick Disconnect Elbow Fittings - Each Qty EA
ASC-24HD Aluminum Hold-down And Safety Straps 24" (61cm) Qty EA
ASC-36HD Aluminum Hold-down And Safety Straps 36" (91cm) Qty EA
ASC-48HD Aluminum Hold-down And Safety Straps 48" (123cm) Qty EA
ASC-72HD Aluminum Hold-down And Safety Straps 72" (183cm) Qty EA
SM-5 AWT Professional Screen Tension Meter 7-60 Newtons Qty EA
SM-5E AWT Economy Screen Tension Meter 7-50 Newtons w/Auto Recalibration Qty EA

AWT manufactures complete "Made To Order Stretching Tables" for your Stretch-Tech™ system.
The table beds are Stay-Flat™ aluminum with an opening in the center to neatly run your air lines.
The Stretch-Tech™ Table has legs and a mounting holder for the control box and manifold.
The legs can be disassembled easily to go through a doorway. Please call for a price quotation.

Other Options Available, Please inquire.