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Stretch-Tech Description

Easy to operate as well as reliable, AWT's Stretch-Tech may be the most versatile screen fabric stretching system in the world. The main control panel is engineered to drive virtually any system configuration; add or subtract clamps, change clamp bar widths, or add more air manifolds as the job requires. Stretching multiple frames at the same time is no problem for the Stretch-Tech. Individual leveling bolts on each clamp assure proper contact between fabric and frame.

Simple controls allow independent settings of pressure and stretching speeds for both weft and warp. New "Drop-In" Clamps make fabric loading easy, locking into position to prevent slipping. Color-coded air lines and quick-release manifold connectors allow fast set-up and configuration changes.

For the ultimate in fabric stretching efficiency, the exclusive AWT Auto-Tensioning Module option can be added to your Stretch-Tech system at any time, in just minutes. This unique unit automatically stretches fabric in stages, freeing the operator for other tasks. The Stretch-Tech system operates from a standard 100 psi commercial air supply (not included).